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Règlement carte bancaire - Marc Postulka

Hello! Order your flowers safely and do deliver in cities of Bordeaux Métropole.

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We recommend you to best fulfill your order: address , telephone, floor, door code, etc. ...

All orders will be taken into account when the regulation has been made. (payment by cash c.b.).

delivery of your order is executed only once. If lack of notice of passage is remis.Le bouquet is available to you provision and to withdraw within 24 hours.

Deliveries are made only in Metropole Bordeaux.

lump sum for delivery and flower delivery is 14,90 euros.

photos are purely illustrative and are not contractuelles.Le florist executes its orders based on inventory Available, season, and his personality.

any questions please contact: Marc Visafleurs Flowers Postulka 7 rue Duffour Dubergier-33000 Bordeaux. Phone:

morning deliveries on Sundays and public holidays are provided under conditions of a prior agreement by telephone.

not be delivered in the afternoons of Sundays and holidays. Shipments carried by 8 H 30 to 18 H. Monday through Saturday.